11/4/2012 Last Storm

2012128-brewster1142012 (59)

I looked west from north 8th when I heard that strange November thunder.  That direction did in fact show the necessaries for an atmosphere of thunder and lightning.  Cloud, sky, and sun equally bronzed by pressure and static changes.


Nevertheless the black and beautiful heart of the storm pulsed north-northeast.  I wanted to move across the yard and photograph the beauty in the beast.  The wind changed as the leaves spun on breezy rapids. And rain already began to hiss from the sky.  Lightning, the basis of instead staying under cover, launched from the depths of nearby cloud.

Nevertheless I did have a Mircat out of the hole moment before the hail hailed to take a couple images of the southerly drift of November storm 2012.

2012127-brewster1142012 (58)

Rain and hail swarmed earthward with all the wildness that we’ve seen over the Alpine Creek Valley this year.  Hail and wind flogged the China Berry tree and lightning sent Blue Bell galloping to the interior.  It was an amazing storm.

2012107-brewster1142012 (38) 2012129-brewster1142012 (60) 2012098-brewster1142012 (29) 2012105-brewster1142012 (36)2012126-brewster1142012 (57) 2012106-brewster1142012 (37) 2012103-brewster1142012 (34) 2012130-brewster1142012 (61)  2012173-brewster1142012 (104) 2012122-brewster1142012 (53)

The storm that swept us slipping away…

2012155-brewster1142012 (86)  2012145-brewster1142012 (76) 2012204-brewster1142012 (135)

I was specially smitten for this season for rainy clouds so lacked last year.  It brought me the colors I love to see in my photographs of the valley.  Yet it was the launches of lightning and the beautiful grumble of the thunder rumble that I appreciated the most.  Rain is a must but for me lightning and hail are the attractions.

2012070-brewster1142012 (1)  2012071-brewster1142012 (2)  2012076-brewster1142012 (7)  2012087-brewster1142012 (18)     2012131-brewster1142012 (62)  2012110-brewster1142012 (41)  2012123-brewster1142012 (54)  2012124-brewster1142012 (55)  2012125-brewster1142012 (56) 2012121-brewster1142012 (52)  2012135-brewster1142012 (66)  2012134-brewster1142012 (65)

The storm was as short lived as it was fierce.  We’d only got the western scrape of it.  In fact though west Alpine was jolted by its lightning, its rain and hail didn’t converge there.  Nevertheless enough cloud rained down somewhere on Alpine to kick up the Alpine Creek.

2012074-brewster1142012 (5) 2012075-brewster1142012 (6) 2012077-brewster1142012 (8) 2012078-brewster1142012 (9) 2012090-brewster1142012 (21) 2012176-brewster1142012 (107)  2012186-brewster1142012 (117) 2012169-brewster1142012 (100) 2012165-brewster1142012 (96)   2012158-brewster1142012 (89)2012156-brewster1142012 (87)  2012168-brewster1142012 (99) 2012187-brewster1142012 (118)  2012188-brewster1142012 (119) 2012157-brewster1142012 (88) 2012152-brewster1142012 (83) 2012138-brewster1142012 (69) 2012117-brewster1142012 (48)

And before sky and sun came out of the clouds there was already blue and gold, sunflowers and morning glories with bellies full. Even the Prickly Pear paddles appeared to bulge with a sincere serenity.

2012088-brewster1142012 (19)

 2012073-brewster1142012 (4)  2012081-brewster1142012 (12) 2012082-brewster1142012 (13) 2012193-brewster1142012 (124)

2012177-brewster1142012 (108)

2012086-brewster1142012 (17) 2012084-brewster1142012 (15)  2012085-brewster1142012 (16)   2012089-brewster1142012 (20) 2012151-brewster1142012 (82) 2012108-brewster1142012 (39)  2012114-brewster1142012 (45) 2012113-brewster1142012 (44) 2012116-brewster1142012 (47) 2012115-brewster1142012 (46) 2012112-brewster1142012 (43) 2012118-brewster1142012 (49) 2012120-brewster1142012 (51) 2012119-brewster1142012 (50) 2012080-brewster1142012 (11) 2012183-brewster1142012 (114) 2012182-brewster1142012 (113) 2012179-brewster1142012 (110) 2012181-brewster1142012 (112)

Afterglow of the storm…

  2012162-brewster1142012 (93)  2012170-brewster1142012 (101)2012171-brewster1142012 (102) 2012172-brewster1142012 (103)  2012147-brewster1142012 (78) 2012146-brewster1142012 (77)

2012191-brewster1142012 (122) 2012190-brewster1142012 (121)

2012148-brewster1142012 (79)

2012175-brewster1142012 (106) 2012164-brewster1142012 (95)

2012161-brewster1142012 (92)

Pyramid Peak and Twin Sister north- fall season sunset after a storm…

2012189-brewster1142012 (120) 2012197-brewster1142012 (128) 2012205-brewster1142012 (136) 2012196-brewster1142012 (127)

Night fell over that day the thunder in 2012 died.  I took Blue Bell on a basket ride through deep puddles and a cool November nightfall.

2012192-brewster1142012 (123)

2012201-brewster1142012 (132) 2012202-brewster1142012 (133) 2012200-brewster1142012 (131) 2012199-brewster1142012 (130)

Friday, November 4, 1994 or eighteen years ago I remember the famous Maypearl football game tornado. Actually a microburst, strait-line wind damage flipped people and arched the metal poled scoreboard to the earth.  There were dozens of injuries when a   My neighbors and schoolmates swore a terrific tornado had caused so much chaos.  In a nighttime experience of 90 mph wind blowing debris and hail around it might have been a little like one.  A line of four 100 ft metal electric towers south of downtown had been buckled down like the ease of bending foil paper.  My dad, sister, and I were out of town that night, of course, though we did go by a severe storm in Kaughman.  Saw some big limbs broken and a storm blackout when we got home.  I’ll be the first to say that the aftermath is never as neat as the thing.

Sunday, November 4, 2012 footage

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