Beaches of Big Sur, California 2009

             Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Sabine Pass, Texas battlefields

                                       My black cat Blue Bell, Ranger Peak (6,256 ft above sea-level), and the Twin Sisters (6,118 and 6,137 ft. above sea-level) from Hancock Hill.

I am not rich but I live wealthy in what I love.  I am not a cliff hanger or sky diver yet I love tornadoes, lightning, and mountains.  I take pictures from a point and click with a tumbleweed scratch on a little lens.  Nonetheless some photographs capture some miracles in the way of mountains and their sky.  It is impossible to imagine and create the magnificence and brilliance of what God already imagined and created.  No painting, poem, or stage could compare to that work.  By poetry and photography I gently witness it and gently do I carry it to others.

I was a poet from a little youth and a photographer later on. So many hours for so long I dipped my pen into the well to spell words together that could recall the thunder or bring back Pikes Peak.  A poem retells a summers kiss yesterday and a winter’s waiting today.

I hope you may visit these online extensions of my work, interests, and adventures.


Rebel Cry It begins with a view.  Whether shy or brilliant views are stamped onto portraits and each heartbeat of time captured there is stilled forever to carry to others.

This blog explores and implores the expression and expo Rebel Cry.  Copies of my work on this site are exactly that-scaled copies and different than actual prints.  Information on purchasing original matted prints, please e-mail me at rebelcry@ymail.com

I sold my art at the Apache Trading Post and Kiowa Art Gallery, the famous gift store west of Alpine until they closed in summer of 2012.  For now I am bringing the business online.

I hope everyone I have ever known visits this place.  I pray you happiness and love because you have inspired the art to burn from the artist like a flame standing on its wick.  I will never forget you and the lessons that you’ve built me to this day.  To you and to strangers it is not the art or the artist that I share to you today.  Rather this is a show and tell of an awesome God and awesome work.  Things around me that I will be blessed when I die to have lived.

I love you all, thank you!


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