4/11/2011 Spirit of Cheyenne

He aimed his truck toward that Wyoming line
With a little luck he could still get there in time
And in that Cheyenne wind he could still hear her say…
-George Strait 1996-I can Still Make Cheyenne

The altitude rises  from big prairie east to the Rockies west.  Cheyenne, Wyoming is where the greatest natural wonders of the east and west come together. The High Plains and Rocky Mountains.

US 85 northeast of Cheyenne. May 2009

One of the best things about Cheyenne is driving there.  It is a journey into the open heart of the West.  My favorite entrance is from the east on US 85.  Some are not totally happy with the great American prairie as I.  Specifically the High Plains from the Texas Panhandle to northeast Montana are so beautiful and are impressed by magnificent storms and lightning. Wildflowers and sage cover over a land that swells and falls.  It is the great land that the original plains cultures flourished and were free on.  Pioneers seeking that wide beautiful freedom sought it from the east.

Sunsets and spirit of Cheyenne from corner of Kornegay Court and Yellowstone. May 2009

Any pre-evening I have spent in the land of Cheyenne has always been enchanted by a color jungle of clouds and sun red burning around their furls.  There is little or nothing else so like the radiance and illumination of God as the American West sunset.

 Korneygay Court, Cheyenne, Wyoming. 6,062 ft above sea-level. May 2009 & May 2010.

In life stories and signs lead us.  There are signs and stories in Cheyenne and in the Cheyenne wind and sky.  A steely calm sun weds with the western edge of the earth; freaky clouds ablaze in shades of the mountains and wild rose colors on the plains. .  Blindly flying and gently floating the cloud follows no such stable line as the sun.  They carry vibes and signs over the quite city of the west. 

Cheyenne Regional Airport & runway 30. Cheyenne, WY. 6,150 ft*

Cheyenne Wyoming is the highest state capital.  It rises out of the High Plains and stands just a little from the Colorado line.   To roam or fly above Cheyenne is a different experience for whoever is inspired to go through there.  Cheyenne is high and but for spirits and the spirit of God it a lonesome land.

Kornegay Court Cheyenne, WY. Elevation 6,141 ft*

Everything is different but sometimes overlooked as indifferent.  Kornegay Court is a short residential street less than a mile north of the airport.   Cheyenne itself and Kornegay Court are common places that might appear commonplace.  On the other hand on every occasion I visited the spot by the dear old Blue Spruce my eyes and heart felt like one.  These photographs portray well what I saw but I can give no satisfactory evidence of how I felt.

Jessica Dubroff Memorial Cheyenne Wyoming. Elevation 6,142 ft*

This memorial for pilot Jessica Whitney Durbroff, co-pilot Joe Reid, and Lloyd Dubroff is several feet from the side of Kornegay Court.  The wooden propeller has been across the winds of dozens of Cheyenne seasons.  Its tips tap the base like the chatter of a rambling Morris Code.  Besides this  Kornegay Court is quite, quite but alive.  Even the close by traffic on Yellowstone Blvd. is sort of subdued by a spirit.  In all its personal meaning and impersonal beauty these scenes on Kornegay Court in Cheyenne are sacred.

1996 Northeast of Cheyenne, Wyoming Laramie County. Elevation 6,000.

The choosing ground in life is ultimately a great proving ground.  Here we choose how to live and where our soul will go after.  We are free to have patience and to love-free to live and free to fly.  This is what I am grateful for and what I bring home from Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The high plains or Rocky Mountain passes by Interstate 80 or 25 I go back.

Live and die with wings,

Zacharias Beau T

Kornegay Court. May 2010.

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