January 2, 2013 Cheshire Cat in Heaven

January 2, 2013

Cheshire was a unique cat-I never knew a more handsomely thick soul, butter-creamed coat, or a more lovable creature.  Of a species never known to smile no one smiled more than him.  Of an animal I’ve never seen more adored none more adored life than Cheshire. Of my sister’s seven cats she will never have a seventh so sweet.  Rescued from an El Paso shelter shortly before my daddy passed it was a shame for everyone else in the world that didn’t get to get that jolly big soul.  In the past several years God has taken my parents and two stepparents as well as twenty children from Newton Connecticut.  That such a wonderful and beautiful feline friend could be added to Heaven today I think with such sad absolution that

God sure knows how to pick them

dec2012190-DSCN4883 dec2012191-DSCN4889 dec2012193-DSCN4892

and so does Blue Bell.

dec2012185-DSCN4877 dec2012187-DSCN4879 dec2012188-DSCN4881 dec2012189-DSCN4882

dec2012312-DSCN5292 dec2012313-DSCN5296

dec2012243-DSCN5096 dec2012244-DSCN5097 dec2012245-DSCN5098

Before Blue Bell I liked cats but never liked the own one.  All the things special in him changed the mind.  I was adopted.  It was like this for Jed and Cheshire too.  Though my brother lives at my sister’s house she wouldn’t give the big darling to him.  It was that impossible to do.  And it was this impossible for Jed to let the thing go so she left the big cat to him in her will.  Thanks to the unhappy reign our Lord gave death over such magnificent characters in our lives like Cheshire neither Jed or Rebecca were left with their butter-creamed Blue Bell tonight.

Jed, Rebecca, Leslie, Timothy, Lorena, Josiah, and I will miss you big boy.  Our parents and grandparents now have a big n’ beautiful pet to hold in Heaven

till we are near too…

A month later Rebecca and Leslie’s fifteen year old wedding present Thomas died.  Another one to miss…

dec2012176-DSCN4858On Christmas, 2012, a happy and kind old gentleman slept, so far from death then.

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