2/2/2011 Alpine

Welcome everyone! Alpine 2011 is my first expo online.  After a year of broken brainstorming (and some brain drought) its settled.  Rebel Cry 99 is finally a final draft. It is down to simplicity, beginning with a gallery like this-

January 3rd was the third day of a year so far described as estranged from others before it and emotionally prolific.  There was something in the air over the Alpine Creek Valley and Paisano Mountains.  Two shades, trips of slate and rusty blue, are prominent in the beginning of the gallery.  Near the death of the light on this day the colors and shades burn deeply then softly.

These are a multitude of views of the Alpine Creek Valley, Paisano Mountains, and Alpine, Texas.  2011 is a year of contradicting shades of light and deep.  The third day of it was eloquently enchanted and equally entranced.

Alpine Creek Valley facing southeast-Alpine Hill and Ranger Peak (6,249 ft*).

When I went outside I went back in to get my little camera.  There was a substance and energy in the atmosphere that only a poet sincere could describe right.

Ranger Peak (Elevation 6,249 ft *), Twin Sisters (Elevations 6,109 and 6,127 ft*), and Paisano Peak (6,084 ft*).

The Twin Sisters never fail this photographer.  The handsome natural wonders are expressed in my work more than any other setting.  The true names are a notorious debate with the people and on different maps.  The Twin Sisters are commonly mislabeled as Twin Peaks.  For the flare that these vistas kindle the former name the most befitting.

Ranger Peak, on the right, is over one hundred feet higher than the Twin Sisters and simply shaped.

Dolph Briscoe JR Administration Building at Sul Ross State University.

Northern base of Alpine Hill.

Twin Sisters (Elevations 6,109 and 6,127 ft*) and south Alpine.

Near the railroad facing north.

Formations of ribbed slate glossed over the Alpine Creek Valley.  Liquid fishers of sunshine flow along the winding shores of winter’s gray cloud.  The cradle of salty blue bends under the rolling weight of the anomalies.  The scene is long and silent, stilled more by a stretch of pines stretching their needled souls to the crest of dusk.

A faceless billboard on the south side of the tracks sells sunlight during sunset.

Twin Sisters (Elevations 6,109 and 6,127 ft*) and the Cowboy Church from East Murphy Street.

Saying farewell to the light it was an adieux to all the shades but one, the shade of night.  They passed in moments and then adieus to feathery and flowing wildflower clouds.  The land had been darkened from the start of the expo by the cloudy slabs.  On the end of that day the sky would become dark too.  It was on the eve of the new moon phase and not for another week later, as Luna passed over her quarter light, could the silhouette of the Twin Sisters be traced in the nighttime again.

Thank you for visiting this expo.  If you are interested in seeing the other photos in this set please contact me.

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Natural Wonders,

Zacharias Beau T

Sunset in Alpine-January 3, 2011

*above sea-level

Video Clip from Alpine 2011
(January 3, 2011)

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