12/3/2012 Gold and Green


In storms the sky got dark and the valley earth went green.  This year storm clouds coasted in on a better time.  From May until the last storm in October the Burgress Spring was wet and wild in life. Alpine Creek raged out of sleep cutting itself deeper into Alpine.  The wildfire drought diminished and the wildfire shade spun to wildflower color.

Alpine Hill

DSCN1321   brewster102012 (5)   DSCN1346 DSCN1292   DSCN1343

Indian Paintbrush


Devils Walking Cane

DSCN1336  DSCN1296  DSCN1316  DSCN1302

Alpine Green & Gold



DSCN1340  DSCN1315  DSCN1338  DSCN1313

Prickin prickly Pears



DSCN1352  DSCN1351  DSCN1317  DSCN1312

Twin Sisters 6,109 & 6,1267 ft. above sea-level

DSCN1331  DSCN1305

Thank you for sharing my joy for the living jewels on our land. For full sized proofs please e-mail me at rebelcry@ymail.com


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