Blue Bell Holiday



Through a black cat on Halloween and a black cat w/ a Santa collar in December we celebrated the holidays this year as if they and it was our last.

2012843-DSCN2807  2012844-DSCN2808

2012833-DSCN2786  2012577-DSCN2250    2012832-DSCN2785  2012834-DSCN2787

Trick or treat cat




 20121315-DSCN4282 20121314-DSCN4272

dec2012291-DSCN5198 dec2012292-DSCN5199 dec2012293-DSCN5200

dec2012294-DSCN5202 dec2012295-DSCN5203 dec2012296-DSCN5205

dec2012003-DSCN4305 dec2012002-DSCN4303

Why are there no black cats in Christmas carols, the manger, or on top of Christmas trees?

 20121306-DSCN4225 20121311-DSCN4253 20121313-DSCN4256

Some yule Yuccas

mistletoe Agave

and Silver bells and Blue Bell.

Its Christmas time in Alpine…

20121307-DSCN4242 20121308-DSCN4246 20121309-DSCN4251

Christmas puss in boot.

dec2012008-DSCN4331 dec2012009-DSCN4333

Civic Center red, green, & Blue Bell

dec2012013-DSCN4356 dec2012014-DSCN4359 dec2012015-DSCN4360 dec2012017-DSCN4363 dec2012018-DSCN4366 dec2012019-DSCN4367 dec2012021-DSCN4392

Blue Bell in Christmas spirit and one of two biggest Yucca trees in town.

dec2012028-DSCN4408 dec2012029-DSCN4409 dec2012030-DSCN4411 dec2012031-DSCN4412 dec2012032-DSCN4415

dec2012033-DSCN4417 dec2012034-DSCN4427

O Yucca o Yucca thy spears are so unchanging!

dec2012161-DSCN4834 dec2012155-DSCN4810 20121326-DSCN4301 20121321-DSCN4292 

20121325-DSCN4298 dec2012153-DSCN4807dec2012156-DSCN4812 dec2012154-DSCN4808 dec2012157-DSCN4821

  dec2012144-DSCN4791 dec2012145-DSCN4792 dec2012146-DSCN4794 dec2012149-DSCN4799 dec2012150-DSCN4800dec2012142-DSCN4787 dec2012143-DSCN4788 dec2012147-DSCN4795 dec2012148-DSCN4798   dec2012151-DSCN4803 dec2012152-DSCN4804

Brewster County courthouse Blue Christmas

dec2012163-DSCN4836 dec2012164-DSCN4837 dec2012166-DSCN4839 dec2012167-DSCN4840 dec2012169-DSCN4845

ch002-12312012bb (1) ch003-12312012bb (2) ch004-12312012bb (3)

For the Christmas feeling and a light stranded Wal-mart Balsam Fur with family and kids around it Blue Bell and I traveled far West Texas to furthest West Texas to a Christmas in El Paso.


O Blue Bell O Blue Bell

dec2012279-DSCN5171 dec2012280-DSCN5172 dec2012281-DSCN5176

In El Paso away in the manger.  Different Christmas carols w/ twists appropriately reoccur in subtitles for my red, green, and black holiday expo.

dec2012287-DSCN5194 dec2012288-DSCN5195

Josiah and Blue Bell, friends of milk during the Walton’s Homecoming Christmas.


Going home Blue Bell and I

would spend New Year’s Eve alone but in good company.  With friends and family we celebrated holidays last year.  The holidays were celebrations in a world that didn’t have much to celebrate.  But in my life, if not so much my world, my black pet and I have much more to celebrate.

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