1/29/2013-Big Bend and Blue Bell

In the end of January 2011 we started the year camping in Big Bend National Park.  There was no one then to cat-sit Blue Bell.  Taking him with was the only other option-the option that I always feel is the best way-bring Blue Bell

 100_0311 IMG_1289 (61)

We can’t imagine for a moment what went through the brain of my black cat.  The home body creature of comfort suddenly on the welcome sign of a wild land.


(82) (690)_707x530

A short hair domestic feline of the black pursuit faces off gallantly to PANTHER Junction, MOUNTAIN LION country, and PANTHER Pass


 IMG_1478 (80) (79) IMG_1479 

As we’d done as kids we chose the Basin campsite guarded by a great granite boulder.  Somehow this one is always open for us-the one with the boulder we loved to climb.  Climbing was always the point and this boulder was the center of a very high and rugged place.  Vernon Baily, 6,600 ft. above sea-level is the marshmallow rounded face of bald granite on the norther end of The Window. Casa Grande, 7,300 ft. is the Big House over the eastern end of The Basin


Vernon Bailey from Museum


Tough south face of Basin peak.

 (77) (74)


The stuffed Panther in the exibit stole Blue Bell’s attention. What a cat! Seriously though, we were unable to climb Emory Peak, 7,800 ft. w/ Blue Bell.   The 2011 drought drove a lot of wildlife down hill from the safety of the peaks.  Even pets on leashes could have proved too tempting to a larger and hungrier cat than Blue Bell. 


Hot Springs

 (14) (13)

(15) (638)_707x530

Panther in the Palms of Dug Out Wells.

(16)Black Cat in Dog Canyon

 (67) (64)

Cerro Castolon and Tuff Canyon 

 IMG_1379 (62)IMG_1322

Santa Elena Canyon

Thank yall for revisiting a time in an era of mine I took my black cat to Big Bend.

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